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Technology and Communication Ministry 

Stefan Carl



To provide policies, processes and tools/technologies supporting a safe, efficient, and coordinated information flow for the church’s mission at St Paul’s 

Structure and Sub-Areas:

T&C Overview


Current Key Topics


The Technology Committee focusses their effort in 2022 on:

  1. Continue improving the quality of our Sunday 10:30h service live streams.
  2. Making our newly introduced website more dynamic and adding the possibility to sign-in for additional information and administration tasks.
  3. Continue on our path for updating and optimising the lighting towards our vision of becoming multi-purpose, variable, remote-controllable and eco-friendly.
  4. Keeping our software and devices running on current, reliable, and effective technologies (as in 2021).


The Communication Committee focusses their effort in 2022 on:

  1. Owning, updating, and expanding our Communications Strategy.
  2. Working down the list of initiatives defined in 2021 to improve the way we communicate (with e.g. a focus on the parish / community).
  3. Reviewing, implementing, and monitoring standards for a common St. Paul's, Camberley look & feel.
  4. Establishing measures to analyse our communication effectiveness (carry-over from 2021).

Below is an overview of the ministry activities in recent years:

TandC overview

We always have opportunities for people interested in direction / strategy to join one of our committees, or to help in our hands-on teams to run services from an audio or video perspective, or help maintaining our IT infrastructure. 

Please contact Stefan Carl, Bill Blyth, or Nigel Hague for more information.

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